Please welcome the newest addition to our hot pepper tea family - Earl Great!

We've been hard at work in Pelican Labs to engineer a new blend for our spicehead fans: Earl Great, a bad pun but a delicious tea.  It's an Earl Grey, infused mildly with cayenne and blended with organic lemon and vanilla beans.  The blend is deceptively simple, but the result is pretty awesome.  It's creamy without the cream, reminiscent of a London Fog but with a hot pepper kick.  It's never easy getting through winter, but this might just make it a little easier.  

Earl Great
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Greetings, friends and loose-leaf lovers!

We’re making a lot of changes at Pelican Tea for the summer, so to sum up--

Out with the old, in with the weird!


Winter is over, and with it, Bitter Winter.  It’s been a good run, and we’ve still got plenty of  stock, so get some while you have the chance with checkout code FOURSEASONS.  



This is New England.

We are very pleased to announce our summer blend,  SUBSPACE.

 Subspace is a fiery fusion of Assam black tea, black peppercorns, red rose petals, and hibiscus flower.  Then we infuse it with maniacally spicy Cayenne...

 It’s good.  Really good.  Try it iced, and bring a pitcher to a party!

-Jordan and the Pelican Tea Gang


Pelican Tea on Newbury St!

Hey loyal spiceheads,

Big news.  Pelican Tea is getting a booth in the Newbury Handmade Market, a small business & handmade-goods focused market that's running for most of the summertime.   We'll be for two full weeks in July.  More details as they emerge!


- The Pelican Tea Gang

Birthdays and Taxes

Hey spiceheads,

Anyone else still have to do their taxes?

"In 1913 Tax Day, or the filing deadline, was fixed on March 1. However, it was moved to March 15 in 1918 and April 15 in 1955, where it has remained since then. If April 15 falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a civil holiday, such as Patriot's Day, the deadline is extended to the next working day." [HT:]   SIMPLY FASCINATING.

Do your taxes, Pelican Tea.  Do your taxes.  Then wish me a happy birthday two days later, on the 17th. 


Oh and- we're working on a Cherry Pepper Vanilla Chai.  It's going to rock. 


The Pelican Tea Gang



Introducing the Pelican Tea Spicy Sampler Pack.

Greetings, loyal Pelican Tea-heads.  I've been asked the following question countless times(and not just because I'm bad at counting):

"Which one should I try?" 

Now you can try them all.  Get the sampler in 20, 40, or 80 gram bags.  This makes an excellent, small-business gift for the person who loves spicy stuff. 

-The Pelican Tea Gang

In like a lion, out like a pelican. Oh, and 15% off.

We were going to wait until the Ides of March to share this discount code with our loyal fans, but we're betraying that idea... ::cough:: ... you know, like Brutus betrayed Caesar... ah, forget it.

Use code FB15 at checkout for 15% off of any of our loose tea blends.  Good until 3/19/14.  Happy sipping!

The new website has set sail...

We've narrowed our selection of premium spicy tea blends to your favorites, and also added some new ones!  I think the site looks great; we welcome and encourage all feedback. The past few months of designing and re-designing have passed like a blur: hours spent in front of Photoshop and endless amounts of blending, crafting and brewing.  But as the new site embarks on its maiden voyage, I can't help but feel proud.  Not to mention excited about the chance to relax in port for awhile. 

Thanks, as always, for all your support!