Greetings, friends and loose-leaf lovers!

We’re making a lot of changes at Pelican Tea for the summer, so to sum up--

Out with the old, in with the weird!


Winter is over, and with it, Bitter Winter.  It’s been a good run, and we’ve still got plenty of  stock, so get some while you have the chance with checkout code FOURSEASONS.  



This is New England.

We are very pleased to announce our summer blend,  SUBSPACE.

 Subspace is a fiery fusion of Assam black tea, black peppercorns, red rose petals, and hibiscus flower.  Then we infuse it with maniacally spicy Cayenne...

 It’s good.  Really good.  Try it iced, and bring a pitcher to a party!

-Jordan and the Pelican Tea Gang